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Welcome to VHSI Nursing Academy, the leading extracurricular educational resource for nursing students (RN, EAN, Practical) and practicing nurses seeking continued education. As part of Visiting Healthcare Services and Institute (VHSI), our dedicated Nursing Academy is your home for comprehensive nursing education and support.

At VHSI Nursing Academy, we specialize in examination preparation and have a proven track record of assisting over 1000 nursing students in excelling in their clinical examinations. We are proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated RENR PREP Programme, and we are confident in achieving a 100% pass rate in 2023.

Our academy is renowned for enhancing our students’ confidence, critical thinking skills, and clinical decision-making abilities. We are committed to providing a range of valuable offerings tailored to your needs:

  1. Care Plan Course: Our Care Plan Course equips students with the necessary skills to develop comprehensive and effective care plans. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, we empower students to excel in this crucial aspect of nursing practice.
  2. Wound Care Seminar: The Wound Care Seminar is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and proficiency in wound management. Our expert instructors guide participants through the latest techniques and best practices, ensuring they are equipped to provide optimal wound care.
  3. RENR PREP Programme: Our newly launched RENR PREP Programme is specifically designed to support nurses in their license maintenance and professional growth. This program offers comprehensive resources, exam-focused preparation, and continued education opportunities to enhance your skills and maintain your licensure.

At VHSI Nursing Academy, our mission is to guide you through nursing school, providing a smoother and more successful learning experience. We are also dedicated to helping you thrive professionally by assisting you in maintaining your license and becoming the best nurse you can be.

Join us today and unlock your potential in the nursing field. Experience the excellence of VHSI Nursing Academy as we support your educational journey and professional development.

Meet our Team

Teisha Vaughn

MScN, RN, BScN (First Class Honours)

Manager, Health Education

Lead Educator

Meet our Team

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